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Feb, 2022

Message from COMP Director, Oscar Gonzalez

 COMP Director, Oscar Gonzalez
DATE: February, 2022


Greetings, coaches:

As we begin to prepare for our 2022 Spring Season, I would like to reflect on some great things that took place in Summer/Fall of 2021.

To start off, multiple teams participated in summer tournaments to prepare for the fall season.  Tournament play ranged from Ogden, Layton, Kaysville, and Park City.  The Striker’s Cup was a big Ogden Soccer favorite as we had 7 teams participate and a Champion in Roger P. Boys 2007 Club.

As Fall 2021 Season began, Ogden Soccer hit the pitch with 6 more comp. teams and 6 new coaches from the previous season. Our numbers grew from 7 club teams to 13. It was an exciting fall season as 3 of our Club Teams placed 1st, 1st, and 3rd respectively ( B.L 2011 Girls, O.G 2010 Girls, S.V.W 2009 Girls) in their brackets earning 2 of these teams a promotion into a higher division. As a club, all of our coaches and teams put in a great effort to continue to work hard and make progress, giving our players the best soccer experience possible. Good job, coaches!

As fall season concluded, coaches continued in their development to obtain D Licenses. We would like to congratulate Carlos Orellana and Sean Yohe for committing their time and completing their D Course. Ogden Soccer currently has 4 D Licensed Coaches (Steven VW., Brady M., Carlos O., Sean Y.) with more to come. Currently we have 3 more coaches enrolled in the D Course that should be licensed in Spring 2022 (Brittany L., Jory W., Roger P.).  Ogden Soccer is also pleased to announce that throughout our 3 years as a club, we have helped over 50 additional coaches obtain licensure in Grass Roots. 

Another positive addition to our comp. club teams this winter was the futsal gym that our teams have had access to throughout our off-season. For many teams, this provided a great opportunity to stay engaged and working together in order to stay competitive throughout the year. We hope that all teams have enjoyed using this facility. 

So here we are, 7 weeks out from the beginning of our Spring 2022 Season.  We will be entering the season with 6 returning comp. boys teams and 7 comp. girls teams. We expect to have all previous fall coaches return and have a great spring season with their teams. 

This coming fall, our club anticipates a new class of 2014 Boys and Girls teams.  Currently we expect to have a new coach join our club, Pablo Hernandez, who will be with the 2014 girls team. A boys 2014 team is also building with coaches being announced soon. 

In closing, there has been much success and growth throughout our Ogden Soccer Club with more to come. It is a privilege to be a part of this club that has so much passion for our community and players.  As we currently work on a budget for our 2022/23 Season, our goal is to improve as coaches, a club and community. Therefore, please reach out with any ideas or suggestions that you feel will help strengthen our club so we can create a budget that could help every coach be successful with their programs. 

Thank You, 

Oscar Gonzalez | [email protected]

COMP Director

Ogden Soccer

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