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Ogden Soccer Programs and Pricing

Pricing  is made affordable for all soccer programs thanks to our community partners and most of all our 100% volunteer power that drive our community focused non-profit organization.
See Below GOAL SOCCER for recreational programs and COMPETITIVE SOCCER for Tryout and Team Opportunities.   

 More information about recreation soccer.

More information about competitive soccer.

GOAL Soccer - Player Centered Recreational Programs

GOAL Soccer - A better experience for recreational community soccer. 


Ages 3-18 years of age
Registration opens April 1 of each year for the following Fall and Spring season.
Cost $67-$130 per player depending on age, discounts, and season.

Little Lions - 3-5 years of age $64   Early Bird Pricing
Focus on developing coordination and social interaction. Little Lions is a 7-8 week program focused on the fundamentals of balance, coordination, social interaction, and taking the first steps toward building on the love of the game. This is not a match environment with teams against teams. This is everyone building together and learning team and life skills. Parent participation is highly welcomed. 

4v4 Soccer - 5-8 years of age  $80 Early Bird Pricing
Building upon the Little Lions, this is the first level of the player pathway, 4v4 is building on the fundamentals of soccer including touches on the ball, building confidence, and growing from the "me game" toward the "we game" of soccer. Players will learn the concept of teamwork, learning the fundamentals of the game, in game like situations. There will be activity based games, that emphasize exploration and experimentation, while exploring physical abilities.

7v7 Soccer - 8-10 years of age $80 Early Bird Pricing
At this level of play, rules of the game and the concept of goal keeper are introduced. Players will be assisted on the field with referees to help develop the next level of understanding of the game. At this level, we want to see our youth continue to develop social interaction and self awareness. There will be activities focused on how to accomplish attacking and defending the goal.  At this age we will help foster the growth of relationships with other players and how decisions and movement affect teammates and opponents.

9v9 Soccer - 10-12 years of age $101  Early Bird Pricing
First and foremost, continue to develop leadership skills.   Our youth are presented with many options to further develop at this age and as a club we support the growth of well rounded people. Not everyone continues to play soccer but the life skills taught in Ogden Soccer will be with you for life. At this stage of the player pathway, development goals are focused on teaching players roles and position for the team while  building on the love of the game. The player will gain fundamental understanding of the meaning of role, position, and task in a team. The player will experience in game-like situations for the task, and specific qualities of attacking and defending.

11V11 Soccer - 13-18 years of age $101   Early Bird Pricing
Teaching the player to be the best player they can be for their position in the team. 13-18 years of age may be COED team development with alternate small sided match environment. We want to make sure everyone can play soccer. For the love of the game.

What is included?
Membership with Ogden Soccer
Membership with Utah Youth Soccer (UYSA)
US Youths Soccer Affiliation
US Soccer Affiliation 
Participation with Jr RSL (lots of RSL discounts & benefits)
Invitation to participate with
Access to US Soccer Federation Training 
Access to Club training and practice sessions
Free ticket for every player to an RSL affiliate match in Salt Lake City
Player insurance
Priority field use for games
Coaching Education
Coaching background checks
Coaches trained in Safe Sport, CDC Concussion, plus+
Free entry to Ogden Soccer kick-off party
Access to club benefits and uniform ordering
Community Inclusion to all events and meetings

Season and Schedules

Season is 14-16 weeks total includes FALL AND SPRING (email [email protected] for spring only players)
Season kick off party August each year
Fall Season (first-half of season) begins late September 1 and runs each Saturday through mid October. Winter break.
Spring Season (second-half of season) continues beginning of April and finishes mid May.

Practices Schedules
Ogden Soccer includes additional Club practices per season for free.
Team practice schedules are determined by coaches.
Practices times, days, and lengths are determined by coaches.
1 day per week, 1 – 1.5 hours, depending on age of player.
Practices will be held at parks and schools in your area.

Games Schedules - 14-16 games
Games will be held Saturdays 8:00 a.m. – 4:00 p.m.
Games will be held at parks and schools in your area.

What is the refund policy?

No refunds on UYSA Fees.
No refunds for ADULT Soccer program fees.
No refunds for Competitive Soccer program or tryout fees.

Refunds will not be given after August 15th.

Ogden Soccer program refunds may be given to children 3-17 who have not played or attended any practices.         

Absolutely no refunds will be given if the child has received a uniform or attended practice. Special consideration may be given to children who are medically unable to play. Requests will be looked at on a case-by-case basis and must be approved by Director of Finance or Club Registrar.

Refunds will only be considered with a written request emailed to [email protected]. The request must include the child's name, date of birth, and a brief reason for the refund. It must be received by August 15th.

A $25 processing fee may be deducted for each player refund requested. 

Click here to REGISTER 

Ogden Soccer Tryout

2024 Competitive Tryout Dates and locations

U7-U12 (2013-2017) Mount Ogden Park
Time: 5:30 - 7:30 PM
May 21 (Girls and Boys) 
May 22 (Girls and Boys)

U13-U14 (2011 - 2012) Mount Ogden Park
Time: 5:30 - 7:00 PM

May 28 (Girls and Boys)
May 29  (Girls and Boys)

U15-U18 (2007-2010) Mount Ogden Park
Time: 7:00-8:30PM
May 28 (Girls and Boys)
May 29 (Girls and Boys)

Makeup Tryouts for ALL players - Team dependent set up by the coach email [email protected] if you have further questions. 

Tryout fee: $10.00 per player, includes training shirt. 

Pricing  is made affordable for all soccer programs thanks to our community partners and most of all our volunteer power that fuels our community focused non-profit organization.

Competitive Soccer Pricing 

If your player is offered a spot on a competitive team the fees (which include state and club fees) are as follows: 

U9-U12, $648    Price includes all referee fees, all field fees, and all state gaming fees. *Uniforms will be purchased separately by parents. 
U13+, $648         Price includes all referee fees, all field fees, and all state gaming fees. *Uniforms will be purchased separately by parents. 

Ogden Soccer works with community partners to help provide affordable Futsal facilities October through March.

*Fees do not include individual team cost that may come up. The Head Coach will provide each player with any additional costs that may come up through the year for consideration. Typically this will include tournament registrations, winter play or training, etc. *Ogden Soccer will no longer provide the competitive uniforms. We are happy to announce that you will now order your uniform direct by the deadline of June 22 and it will arrive to your home direct. Know that you may use the uniform for multiple seasons but the Club and Coach may require replacement or additional items if the uniform does not represent the club in fit or excessive wear. If players lose uniforms or want to upsize please visit the Team Store to order direct. 


How to Register for Tryouts.

Everyone may participate in Ogden Soccer Tryouts. To participate, you must register online using the link on this page. For questions about registration contact our registrar at [email protected]. Follow these steps to complete your registration:

From your Desktop:
1.Log in or Register (If you have not created an account with our new system you will need to do so.)
2.Select drop down next to player that is registering and available programs will show.
3. Select the "View Divisions" button (Competitive Soccer)
4. Push "select button" 
5. If you have other players, it may ask you to go to next player (or skip). Blue button is on the bottom right of the screen.
5. Enter the necessary information.
7. Complete registration.

What to expect and what to do for tryout days

When you arrive at tryouts, you will receive a shirt with a number on it. Do not go onto the field until you have registered your number with the volunteers at the welcome table. The only way we can track each player is by associating their number with the information you provide when you register your player. Make sure we have the right contact information when you arrive. 

Players will be organized by divisions and supervised by coaches and volunteers during tryouts. These coaches and volunteers will be taking notes and making evaluations of each player. Please do not approach them or interrupt them. Let them focus on watching the players.

Parents will be asked to stay in the spectator area of the park. Make sure your players have plenty of water, shin guards, cleats, and other appropriate soccer gear. Tryouts will run for approximately two hours.

We will start to send out team invites within 24 hours but it may take us some time so be patient. Thanks for all your support and understanding.

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