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Referee Support Page

Ogden Soccer believes in a complete approach to teaching the game of soccer. To allow coaches to focus on the team, and players on their teammates, we pride ourselves in helping develop leadership through our referee program. Referees are as important as a coach and together we are united by the game. 

We make sure to guide and mentor helping build up our referees so they can become competitive referees with national grade licensing. Many of our referees start their first savings account by the age of 13 and start learning the principles of financial management while learning people and game management. Teaching leadership skills that are useful in life. 

Training and Continual Education
Recreational Referee
Competitive Referee
To learn more about our referee program and how you can become involved take a second to register and our Director of Referees or Referee Scheduler will reach out to you. 

Do you have what it take to join this team of leaders? 

Utah Referee Association and Officials