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Coaches' Corner

Welcome, coaches!  A large part of our mission at Ogden Soccer is to provide real support to all of you.  Here at the Coaches' Corner, you'll find information to help you develop your own coaching ideas and identity: 

1. Coaching Guides - material to support new coaches or experienced coaches looking for new ideas; guides explaining popular formations and the role of each position (includes games and drills to develop skills relating to each position)
2. Article(s) of the Week - covering a range of topics related to the coaching experience
3. Podcasts - content ranging from game tactical analysis to coaching methods and more
4. Games & Drills - PDFs and links to videos of games and drills you can use at your own practices 
5. Coaching Resources - practice planners, field diagrams, templates, etc.
6. Community - submit articles, videos, podcasts, and other content that you've found helpful in your own coaching journey

Thank you for volunteering in our community!

Our coaching guides are designed to give new coaches a head start and experienced coaches some food for thought.  Focusing on one system of play each, these guides contain common formations, roles and responsibilities for each position, and appropriate exercises for players at each age group.


1. Dan Abrahams: Every Word a Coach Says has Impact (07-Oct-19)
2. Why are We So Overboard in Youth Soccer? (07-Oct-19)
3. Soccer Players: Sleep is Important (07-Oct-19)


1. Fast Feet Beginning Soccer Drills (Basic ball control and coordination - do this at EVERY practice!)
2. Soccer Training - Passing Drills 1 
3. 9-Year-Old Announces Retirement from Sports



1. Coaching Soccer Weekly is focused solely on youth development.
    - Episodes of Interest:
       - #178 What to Work on With U8s
       - #179 What to Work on With U10s
       - #180 What to Work on With U12s

2. Modern Soccer Coach is an interview show featuring professional coaches discussing a broad range of development topics.
    - Episodes of Interest:
       - Paul Bright: Improving Your Communication On and Off the Pitch
       - Todd Beane: You Get What You Train
       - Doug Lemov: Making Your Training Sessions Better

3. The Total Soccer Show is an entertainment podcast featuring in-depth tactical analysis of the beautiful game and much more.


If you'd like to share soccer content that has helped and inspired you with our community, message [email protected] and let us know.  All contributions and feedback are welcome!

DISCLAIMER: The information shared on this page has been aggregated from many sources.  By sharing these materials, Ogden Soccer Club does not claim credit for them or affiliation with their creators.  We are, however, grateful to them for their contributions to the soccer community and encourage you to check them out!

Ogden Soccer Fields

CLICK on image to print or download PDF. 

4v4 Soccer Field  5v5 Soccer Field   7v7 Soccer Field 9v9 Soccer Field 11v11 Soccer Field

The above images are Ogden Soccer field size with dimension and specified area of the field. 
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