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Ogden Soccer Competitive League Info

Ogden Soccer is a community of competitive players, coaches, volunteers, and staff who value Resolve, Work, and Respect. These values create great teams and great experiences. Discover how we are able to provide players with success and opportunities without the outrageous prices.

Resolve: We have the resolve to train, practice, and compete at our best and at the highest level.

Work: Our community has its roots in hard work. From the railroad workers laying tracks, the beet farmers toiling in their fields, the fabricators laboring in their factories, to the hard-working families of today, we know what it takes to build players, teams, and community.

Respect: We know that respect is fundamental to the community. Even as we strive to win, respect for our opponents is what keeps soccer fun. We respect our teammates, our coaches, our parents, and the volunteers who work hard for us. We respect and appreciate our community that provides the fields where we play, the opponents that we compete against, the referees that manage our games, and the parents that support us.

If this is the experience you are looking for, join us. We have and are forming competitive teams at all ages and are working hard to provide every player the training to help them succeed and have a great experience. Go to our Tryouts page for information on tryouts and joining one of our teams. If tryouts are closed, please reach out to us as there may still be teams looking for players. Contact us at [email protected]

Ogden Soccer Tryout

Each spring competitive teams in Utah form through tryouts. Players are invited to participate in tryouts with Ogden Soccer to become a part of our wonderful club and learn how our three values influence the way we develop players and build exciting teams to be their best. This page will be updated as more information becomes available.

Register today: Click here to register. 

2023 Competitive Tryout Dates and locations

U7-U12 (2012-2016) Mount Ogden Park
Time: 5:30 - 7:30 PM
May 23 (Girls and Boys) 
May 24 (Girls and Boys)

U13+ (2007 - 2011) Mount Ogden Park
Time: 5:30 - 7:30 PM

May 3o (Girls and Boys)
May 31  (Girls and Boys)

Makeup Tryouts for ALL players
June 1st, 5:30-7:30 at Mount Ogden Park

Tryout fee: $10.00 per player, includes training shirt.

Pricing  is made affordable for all soccer programs thanks to our community partners and most of all our 100% volunteer power that fuels our community focused non-profit organization.

Competitive Soccer Pricing 2023-24
If your player is offered a spot on a competitive team the fees (which include state and club fees) are as follows: 

***Ogden Soccer has had a club wide fee increase for the 2023-24 season to better provide a sustainable program for our community.***

U9-U12, $648    Price includes all referee fees, all field fees, and all state gaming fees. *Uniforms will be purchased separately by parents. 
U13+, $648         Price includes all referee fees, all field fees, and all state gaming fees. *Uniforms will be purchased separately by parents. 

Ogden Soccer works with community partners to help provide affordable Futsal facilities October through March.

*Fees do not include individual team cost that may come up. The Head Coach will provide each player with any additional costs that may come up through the year for consideration. Typically this will include tournament registrations, winter play or training, etc. 

*Ogden Soccer will no longer provide the competitive uniforms. We are happy to announce that you will now order your uniform direct by the deadline of June 22 and it will arrive to your home direct. Know that you may use the uniform for multiple seasons but the Club and Coach may require replacement or additional items if the uniform does not represent the club in fit or excessive wear. If players lose uniforms or want to upsize please visit the Team Store to order direct.   

How to Register for Tryouts.

Everyone may participate in Ogden Soccer Tryouts. To participate, you must register online using the link on this page. For questions about registration contact our registrar at [email protected]. Follow these steps to complete your registration:

From your Desktop:
1.Log in or Register (If you have not created an account with our new system you will need to do so.)
2.Select drop down next to player that is registering and available programs will show.
3. Select the "View Divisions" button (Competitive Soccer)
4. Push "select button" 
5. If you have other players, it may ask you to go to next player (or skip). Blue button is on the bottom right of the screen.
5. Enter the necessary information.
7. Complete registration.

*If you have issues, please email [email protected]

What to expect and what to do for tryout days

When you arrive at tryouts, you will receive a shirt with a number on it. Do not go onto the field until you have registered your number with the volunteers at the welcome table. The only way we can track each player is by associating their number with the information you provide when you register your player. Make sure we have the right contact information when you arrive. 

Players will be organized by divisions and supervised by coaches and volunteers during tryouts. These coaches and volunteers will be taking notes and making evaluations of each player. Please do not approach them or interrupt them. Let them focus on watching the players.

Parents will be asked to stay in the spectator area of the park and to not interfere in the tryouts. There will be breaks during tryouts during which your players will be permitted to confer with you. Make sure your players have plenty of water, shin guards, cleats, and other appropriate soccer gear. Tryouts will run for approximately two hours.

We will start to send out team invites within 24 hours but it may take us some time so be patient. Thanks for all your support and understanding.

What is the refund policy?

No refunds on UYSA Fees.
No refunds for ADULT Soccer program fees.
No refunds for Competitive Soccer program or tryout fees.

Refunds will not be given after August 15th.

Ogden Soccer program refunds may be given to children who have not played or attended any practices.         

Absolutely no refunds will be given if the child has received a uniform or attended practice. Special consideration may be given to children who are medically unable to play. Requests will be looked at on a case-by-case basis and must be approved by Director of Finance or Club Registrar.

Refunds will only be considered with a written request emailed to [email protected]. The request must include the child's name, date of birth, and a brief reason for the refund. It must be received by August 15th.

A $25 processing fee may be deducted for each player refund requested. 

Competitive Teams and Coaches

2023/2024 Season (divisions may change based on team retention/fall UYSA alignment process)

U9 Girls (2015) 
Coach: Brian Lovelady
 [email protected]

U9 Boys (2015/16) 
Coach: Erich Fabian
[email protected]

U10 Boys (2014) 
Coach: Nic Trujillo
[email protected]

U10 Girls (2014) North Red
Coach: Kayleb Boyko
[email protected]

U11 Girls (2013) North White
Coach: Carlos Orellana 
[email protected]

U11 Girls (2013) North Blue
Coach: Carlos Orellana 
[email protected]

U11 Boys (2013) not aligned
Coach: Erich Fabian
[email protected]

U12 Girls (2012) Red
Coach: Gordon Ridley
[email protected]

U12 Girls (2012) White
Coach: Jory Wahlen
[email protected]

U12 Girls (2012) Blue
Coach: Jon Kemp
 [email protected]

U12 Boys (2012) not aligned
Coach: Brady Munns
[email protected]

U13 Girls (2011) Division 2
Coach Brittany Litz
[email protected]

U13 Girls (2011) North D
Coach Teresa Hansen
[email protected]

U13 Boys (2011) North B
Coach Nick Bowsher
[email protected]

U14 Girls (2010) Division 3
Coach Oscar Gonzalez
[email protected]

U14 Boys (2010) 
Coach Luis Mora
[email protected]

U15 Boys (2009) 
Coach Luis Mora
[email protected]

U15 Girls (2009) Division 1
Coach Steven Van Wagoner
[email protected]

U15 Girls (2009) Division 2
Coach Gordon Ridley
[email protected]

U15 Girls (2009) North A
Coach Jesse Hartigan
 [email protected]

U15 Boys (2009) North B
Coach Luis Mora
[email protected]

U16 Girls (2008) Division 3
Coach Jesse Hartigan
 [email protected]

U16 Girls (2008) North B
Coach TBA
Assistant Coach Carlos Orellana
[email protected]

U17 Boys (2007/2008) North B
Coach Carlos Candido
[email protected]


No Programs are Currently Displayed

There are no programs or divisions available at the moment. Please contact your club administrator with any questions.
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