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Ogden Soccer Competitive League Info

Ogden Soccer is a community of competitive players, coaches, volunteers, and staff who value Resolve, Work, and Respect. These values create great teams and great experiences. Discover how we are able to provide players with success and opportunities without the outrageous prices.

Resolve: We have the resolve to train, practice, and compete at our best and at the highest level.

Work: Our community has its roots in hard work. From the railroad workers laying tracks, the beet farmers toiling in their fields, the fabricators laboring in their factories, to the hard-working families of today, we know what it takes to build players, teams, and community.

Respect: We know that respect is fundamental to the community. Even as we strive to win, respect for our opponents is what keeps soccer fun. We respect our teammates, our coaches, our parents, and the volunteers who work hard for us. We respect and appreciate our community that provides the fields where we play, the opponents that we compete against, the referees that manage our games, and the parents that support us.

If this is the experience you are looking for, join us. We have and are forming competitive teams at all ages and are working hard to provide every player the training to help them succeed and have a great experience. Go to our Tryouts page for information on tryouts and joining one of our teams. If tryouts are closed, please reach out to us as there may still be teams looking for players. Contact us at [email protected]

Our Current Teams and Coaches

U9 Boys (2012/2013) North B
Coach: Mindy Burton
[email protected]
U10 Girls (2011) North B
Coach Brittany Litz
[email protected]

U10 Boys (2011) North B
Coach Nick Bowsher
[email protected]

U11 Girls (2010) North C
Coach Oscar Gonzalez
[email protected]

U11 Boys (2010) North D
Coach Zane Froerer
[email protected]

U12 Girls (2009) North C
Coach Sean Yohe
[email protected]

U12 Girls (2009) Division 2
Coach Steven VanWagoner
[email protected]

U12 Boys (2009) North D
Coach Luis Mora
[email protected]

U13 Girls (2008) North A
Coach Molly Froerer
[email protected]

U14 Boys (2007) North C
Coach Roger Paulman
[email protected]