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Feb, 2022

How can we co-op to play more teams from other programs?

 How can we co-op to play more teams from other programs? 
DATE: February, 2022

Parents, we need your help asking other clubs to participate with us for interclub play. 

In order to help grow our community sport, we have been trying tirelessly to expand the opportunity to play other clubs and teams. We realize that it may get boring to play the same teams moving into older divisions of play. We could use your help. Due to various factors (usually based on the “economics of youth sports” of other clubs) these clubs are not receptive to an open soccer ecosystem, preferring a closed type of arrangement. Contrary to what you might think, other clubs are not allowing their teams to play. We want you to know that Ogden Soccer is diligently working to keep cost low and create more opportunity in a safe environment. We welcome all suggestions from our coaches on how to acquire more games with new and different teams.

We have reached out to other local clubs seeking match opportunities for our older teams. Ogden Soccer has offered referee and field space for games, as well as payment of all “use” fees to make this happen. If any of you have players in other clubs, let those clubs know Ogden Soccer is always open for a scrimmage or more soccer for our teams.

Many of our Ogden Soccer program administrators are working to expand player opportunity in Ogden and the greater area. When we began, we developed what was known as the G.O.A.L.S (Greater Ogden Area League Soccer) program, enabling all recreational players to play more teams. While one would assume that getting other clubs, coaches, and teams together would be easy, we have encountered some challenges. Playing new teams keeps the fun and excitement in the game, and we seek your help and input on this matter!

One of our GOALS when we started Ogden Soccer was to create a program with continuity for all children to develop at their own pace, while providing a community-owned program, with player and community benefits (such as supporting our many school teams). With the fun and exciting G.O.A.L.S recreational program and 13 UYSA try-out teams, we have grown from 120 players to over 700 in the past three years! We strive daily to create more soccer opportunities for all kids to play and share in the community experience. We are excited that the community has witnessed the positive impact we are making together as volunteers as more parents continue to choose Ogden Soccer for their children.

We are honored to call you coaches, friends, and family members in our only community-owned soccer program, where 100% of membership dues are used to benefit your kids and our community. To learn more about our engagement see a draft submitted to all clubs in Northern Utah.

Article Submitted by Steven Van Wagoner

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