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Feb, 2022

2022 Vision Statement, President, Steven Van Wagoner

 2022 Vision Statement, President, Steven Van Wagoner
DATE: February, 2022

Ogden Soccer Members:

In the words of a marathoner, Ogden Soccer is just getting its wind and we are ready for the long run.

My focus as the president of Ogden Soccer remains crystal clear on providing a player-centered program, utilizing the highest level of trained coaches, developing in a positive environment, while always remaining community- focused.

As we embark on another year of youth sport development for Ogden Soccer members and the community at large, it is exciting to witness a community coming together to create a foundation for our growing players moving forward as student athletes.

When we began this exciting new venture we all love, known as Ogden Soccer, we knew without parental sacrifice, it would not be possible. I remember our discussions regarding the fact that if our program was successful, it would be focused on our children, coaches, and community. We contemplated  what it could mean to all of our schools and school teams if this community development experiment was successful. Now, just three years later, we are seeing the success of our local volunteer organization all around us.

I am reminded this year, as I sit on my own daughter's sideline for her junior high soccer team, of how many other parents dedicated their time and made it possible for my daughter to build trust in community and the lifelong friendships she has cultivated within Ogden Soccer. She has developed leadership skills and absorbed positive life lessons taught by all the parents that give back to our community as volunteers. I have witnessed the impact that our volunteer community has had on my children, and I am so grateful for all of you that help make a positive impact on every child and member of Ogden Soccer.

As we look forward to 2022, Ogden Soccer will continue to build bridges with our schools by specifically working to increase opportunities for all children, enabling them to have the best experience in sport and academics. We will build stronger bonds with our school districts, providing opportunities for internship and leadership development for our students. During 2022 we will continue to build stronger relationships with our municipalities and work with other local organizations to increase youth sports awareness for all to participate. In 2022-23 we will ramp up efforts to increase grant funding, asking for more help so that no child is left out of playing or learning skills around sport. We will continue to expand our foundation with new directors and board members while making sure our coaches are provided with the best gear and education. We will expand opportunities while continuing to provide the best soccer programs with our GOALS, COMP, and ADULT soccer (coming soon). We will strengthen relationships in the community while working on the first-ever GOALS CLUB PASS (more to come soon).  Thank you to all the parents for giving back and helping our children become better students, athletes, and future leaders.
Long live our club-focused on community and keeping the player at its center. See you on the pitch!
Steven Van Wagoner  | [email protected]


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